Technologies, tools, and other things I use to build software and stay productive.

Improving my workflow and productivity.


  • Apollo Server

    Apollo is a well documented GraphQL Server with a great community. They offer free certifications and training. I earned the Graph Developer Professional certification in January 2023 and the Graph Developer Associate certificate in May 2022.

  • Bun

    A faster alternative to Node.js that's built upon JavaScriptCore 'the performance-minded JS engine built for Safari.'

  • JavaScript

    Love it or hate it we use JS everyday.

  • GraphQL

    Describe your data. Ask for what you want. Get predictable results.

  • Next.js

    A React framework that includes server-side rendering, static page generating, and so much more.

  • Node.js

    I have been working with Node.js since 2017 and I use it every single day in some capacity.

  • PostgreSQL

    For relational databases, I prefer Postgres. It's fast, reliable, and has a great community.

  • React

    I have been working with React since 2017 and it's my go-to for a library single page application.

  • Redis

    For caching, I prefer Redis. It's fast, reliable, and has a great community.

  • Ruby on Rails

    I have be been working with Rails since 2023 and primarily use it for rapid API development.

  • Tailwind CSS

    I have been working with Tailwind since 2023 and it's really grown on me once I got over the verbosity.

  • TypeScript

    It is a great way to catch bugs before they happen. Sometimes the type system can be a bit of a pain but it's worth it.

Development tools

  • ChatGPT

    I use ChatGPT as a Pair Programmer who can validate ideas, offer suggestions, and help me write the code I don't want to write.

  • Docker

    If it doesn't come with a Dockerfile then I will make one. I don't miss the world of 'it works on my machine' at all.

  • GitHub

    I host all of my open source projects on GitHub.

  • NVM (Node Version Manager)

    I use NVM to manage my Node.js versions.

  • Postman

    I don't feel too strongly about Postman but it gets the job done and I haven't found anything better. Open to recommendations.

  • RVM (Ruby Version Manager)

    I use RVM to manage my Ruby versions.

  • VS Code

    Here is a list of my extensions:

    • Code Spell Checker

      I use this to catch typos in my code, comments, and Markdown files.

    • colorize

      This extension colorizes CSS colors in my code with a [] beside them.

    • ESLint

      I use this to lint my JavaScript and TypeScript code.

    • ERB Formatter

      This extension formats my ERB files for Ruby on Rails view development.

    • GitHub Copilot

      I use this to help me write code faster.

    • GitLens -- Git supercharged

      GitLens tells me who wrote each line of code and when.

    • GraphQL: Syntax Highlighting

      This extension highlights GraphQL syntax in my .graphql files.

    • Import Cost

      This extension shows me the size of each import in my code.

    • MDX

      This extension provides syntax highlighting for MDX files.

    • MDX Preview

      This extension provides a preview of my MDX files.

    • Prettier - Code formatter

      I use this to format my code. It is extremely useful when a team is working on a project and the formatting is enforced.

    • Pretty TypeScript Errors

      This extension makes TypeScript errors easier to read.

    • Ruby

      This extension provides syntax highlighting for Ruby files.

    • Rufo - Ruby formatter

      This extension formats my Ruby code.

    • Sort lines

      This extension sorts lines of code. I like to keep json and imports alphabetized and this helps.

    • Svg Preview

      This extension provides a preview of my SVG files.

    • Tailwind CSS IntelliSense

      This extension provides Tailwind CSS class name completion and hovering shows the equivalent CSS style.

    • Template String Converter

      If you type ${} in quotes, this extension will convert it to a template string.

    • VSCode Ruby

      This extension also helps provides syntax highlighting for Ruby files.