I’m Matthew Groff. I live in Orlando, where I engineer innovative web software solutions remotely.

I've had a passion for creating things from a young age. Growing up in San Diego, CA, I started tinkering with web technology when I was just 10 years old. I remember spending hours writing HTML and CSS for Neopets and Myspace on our family PC, connecting to the internet through good old dial-up.

As I entered middle school and high school, programming became more than just a hobby for me. I worked on an online game project with friends and even found myself incorporating web development into my computer graphic design assignments. It was during this time that my passion for coding truly took off.

When I enrolled in college at UC Santa Cruz, I decided to pursue my interest in computer science, specializing in game design. I spent countless hours that year developing command line utilities for rooting, unrooting, and modifying the DROID RAZR smartphone, which had just hit the market in 2011. Additionally, I created an Android app called Universal Unroot, which achieved over 100,000 sales. However, after a year, I made the decision to leave college and return to San Diego.

In 2014, I obtained certification in Unix Systems Administration at UC San Diego Extension. I continued working in retail while also exploring my passion for web development. I enrolled in a web development bootcamp at UC San Diego Extension, and in January 2018, I proudly graduated from the program.

Shortly after completing the bootcamp, I joined Intrepid Pursuits (later acquired by Accenture) as a Web Developer. I received valuable training in Boston and even had the opportunity to meet my future wife there. However, my journey led me to Houston, Texas, where I worked for several years.

In December 2019, seeking new challenges, I made a leap of faith and joined Umbrage, a budding startup at the time. As a Director of Engineering, I've been able to contribute to its growth and success. I'm proud to say that Umbrage was recently acquired, and being part of a successful startup acquisition has been an incredible experience.

In January, 2024 I got promoted to Principal AI Engineer and I am now leading AI initiatives at Umbrage.

In the present day, I reside in Orlando, Florida, working remotely for Umbrage. When I'm not immersed in software engineering, you can find me enjoying quality time with my wife and our dog. I also write about software engineering and make sure to explore the local theme parks, making the most of my time in Orlando.