Things I’ve made.

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years. These are just a few that are open source that I can share with you.

  • Markdownloader logo


    A tiny Chrome extension that only does one thing: downloads the current page's html content as a Markdown file (.md).

    Markdownloader Extension on the Chrome Web Store

  • NPM Package: function-agents logo

    NPM Package: function-agents

    A collection of Function Agents with specific purposes, designed to simplify various tasks. Data Transformation, Sentiment Analysis, Intent Classification, Citation, and more.

  • Estimation Party logo

    Estimation Party

    A simple solution to Planning Poker. Create a room, invite your team, and start estimating. I built this full-stack realtime application using Next.js and Supabase.

  • NPM Package: next-rails logo

    NPM Package: next-rails

    A CLI for generating a Next.js app with Rails CLI-like features. Utilizes Create Next App and Knex and custom code generation to quickly scaffold a full-stack Next.js project the Rails way.

  • Repo Inspector logo

    Repo Inspector

    ChatGPT Plugin written in Python: Inspect Git Repositories. Submit a GitHub, Gitlab, etc., HTTPS link. The repo gets cloned and reviewed using by Repo Inspector.

  • Ask CLI logo

    Ask CLI

    A ruby program that let's you query OpenAI from the command line using their API

  • Bun Apollo GraphQL Server logo

    Bun Apollo GraphQL Server

    An Apollo GraphQL server running on Bun, an alternative to Node.js.

  • Mortgage Calculator logo

    Mortgage Calculator

    Inspired by Ramsey's Mortgage Calculator but the focus is keeping the total monthly payment under 30% of your monthly after-tax take-home pay.